Rodd Zinberg is a Los Angeles based artist and commercial photographer. Rodd received his BFA in Communication Design from Washington University in St. Louis and his MFA in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design. Born and raised in LA, Rodd began taking pictures using his dad's Olympus OM-1, a classic 35mm model. The manual, tactile nature of this visual and mechanical instrument appealed to Rodd; the pull, click and slide from one frame to the next was just as appealing as the light exposed from one shutter opening to the next. "When you finished a roll, there was a satisfaction and a process of rolling the film up, springing the back lid open, and like a present you made for yourself, a tightly spun scroll of imagery awaited, wrapped in emulsion."


That "present" is now in the fashion of "smart" plastic: "I'm only slightly nostalgic for it. Mostly, for the materiality and process. Digital has it's significant benefits of course, and has essentially introduced a new dimension to image production. Where film's physicality falls short, digital picks up, and dematerializes the illusory depiction into x's and o's, 1's and 0's...pixels, creating the ability to construct an image from the ground up, pixel by pixel, block by block.

Making photographs is a way to think and a way of thinking, a way to adapt and a way to explore. It is a process of inquiry. welcomed pixels investigates this arena of photographic   inquiry in its intention to foment the soul of the image.